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Blow The Man Down is a 2019 crime drama on Amazon set in a small town where two sisters, who have recently lost their mother, experience an unexpected turn of events when one of them has a run-in with a town thug. A series of murders expose the dark history of the town and the truth about their own mother. It’s a crisp film with an unexpected ending, do check it out. Here are the plot walkthrough and ending of the movie Blow The Man Down explained, spoilers ahead.

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  • – Movie Explained
  • – Oceanview and its Origin
  • – Why Enid got Gorski to kill Dee
  • – Mary Margaret’s and Gorski’s death
  • – Mary Beth finds the money, Enid finds the knife
  • – Doreen, Susie and Gail vs Enid
  • – Alexis and her findings
  • – The Connolly Sisters’ decision to exchange the money for the knife
  • – Ending Explained

Blow The Man Down: Movie Explained

The crux of the story is the sweet old ladies in the film. Pay attention to them and their dialogues to understand the ending of Blow The Man Down. Let’s go through the events linearly to put things in perspective.

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Oceanview and its Origin

In the beginning, we have five women who noticed that their city, being a port, offered an opportunity to set up a brothel. And they did, it was a love-hotel by the name Oceanview. The five women who ran it back in the day were:

  • Enid
  • Mary Margaret (Priscilla’s and Mary Beth’s mother)
  • Gail
  • Doreen
  • Susie

Enid and Mary Margaret were close. Gail, Doreen and Susie eventually found what they are doing to be cruel to the young women and moved out of the business. It appears that Mary Margaret also moved out after he had her kids. Enid continued running Oceanview over the many years. As of the present, she runs it all by herself.

Why Enid got Gorski to kill Dee

Dee is one of the girls who works for Enid. Over the years, Enid has not been taking care of the girls. She has a ton of debts and owes the girls a lot of money. Dee grows frustrated and eventually finds the combination of Enid’s safe and steals all the money. Enid, in turn, asks her local muscle, Gorski, to kill Dee and take back the money.

This is the first scene of the movie, Gorski chases down Dee as Enid watches on. Not shown in the movie, but Gorski shoots Dee and dumps her body in the sea.

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Mary Margaret’s and Gorski’s death

Mary Margaret passes away, and her funeral happens to be held on the same day Dee is killed. Enid doesn’t attend the funeral. Priscilla and Mary Beth are left with all of their mother’s debts and funeral costs. Mary Beth wants to sell everything and move out of town, but Priscilla wants to stay and take the family fish business forward. The sisters quarrel and Mary Beth leaves home and heads to the local bar.

Mary Beth meets Gorski at the bar and the two hit it off. Mary happens to find blood and hair in Gorski’s car and runs away, scared. Gorski follows but gets stabbed in his neck by Mary. She further smashes his face in with a brick as he grabs her leg. Mary runs home and tells Priscilla about having killed a man. Initially, Priscilla calls the police station but in fear she hangs up the phone. Priscilla feels that Mary’s attack with the brick might not appear to be self-defense.

They head to Gorski’s residence, cut him up with a knife, put him in their chiller and toss it over the cliff into the sea. However, Priscilla forgets her knife at Gorski’s place. The next day, Dee’s body washes ashore, and Officer Justin asks to borrow Priscilla’s motorboat to go fetch the body. Priscilla is relieved to learn that it’s not Gorski’s body. Doreen, who is standing by, happens to notice Dee has been shot and informs Gail and Susie that Enid’s girl has been found dead.

Mary Beth finds the money, Enid finds the knife

Priscilla sends Mary Beth to look for the missing knife at Gorski’s place as it mentions “Connolly Fish” engraved on it. Mary is distracted by someone passing by the house, she then finds a bag of money and returns with it, forgetting about the knife. Enid, who goes over to Gorski’s place, sees the bloody knife. She deduces that Gorski’s and the money’s disappearance has to do something with the Connolly sisters.

Blow The Man Down (Ending And Full Plot Explained) | This is Barry (3)

Enid slyly goes over to the Connolly residence to confirm blood on the shoes to verify that the two of them definitely have something to do with Gorski’s disappearance. But she wants her money, and so she eventually confronts the two of them and offers an arrangement to return their knife in exchange for her money. Meanwhile, the cops happen to find Gorski’s car and connect him to Dee’s murder; they locate the weapon, blood and hair in his car.

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Doreen, Susie and Gail vs Enid

The three ladies talk to Enid to tell her that one of her girls was found dead and the business of Oceanview is no longer the same. That the working girls are at terrible risk. The trio realises that Enid already knows who the dead girl is even though the new of the murder is very recent. This gives them a hint that Enid might have been the one responsible for Dee’s death. They urge Enid to close up the business at Oceanview and that they could all start a new line of business together, but Enid turns them down.

Alexis and her findings

The trio reach out to another of Enid’s girl, Alexis, and they tell her about Dee and that it was not the case of drowning, but that of homicide. Alexis and Dee were really close. They ask her to watch out for Enid as Alexis, too, might be in danger. While initially, Alexis doesn’t believe the old ladies, she happens to hear a voice mail from Dee where she talks about the combination to Enid’s safe. Alexis opens the safe and finds it empty, but down below she finds Dee’s nail extension confirming that Dee has already pulled the money out of the safe. She informs the trio that Enid is indeed behind Dee’s murder.

The Connolly Sisters’ decision to exchange the money for the knife

One evening, Officer Justin shows up at the Connolly residence asking questions about their whereabouts on the night of Gorski’s murder. He mentions that the police station got a call from their home. While initially, Priscilla feels they should come clean to the cops, she changes her mind at that moment and lies to Justin saying they never left the house and she dialled the cops by mistake. Justin, who is infatuated with Priscilla, gets played by her warm demeanour. But he soon realises that Priscilla was lying as Mary Beth was spotted with Gorski in the bar on the night of his murder. He drives back to the Connolly residence and parks there keeping an eye on them.

The sisters sneak out from the back and use their boat to head to Enid’s place to make the exchange. They return her money and Enid offers half of it to them under the condition that they will work for her. The sisters are smart to refuse the offer, take their knife and leave.

Blow The Man Down: Ending Explained

The ending of Blow The Man Down shows us that Alexa overhears the conversation between Enid and the Connolly sisters confirming that Enid got Dee killed over the money. Alexis kills Enid and beats town with the cash with another worker girl. We also see that Doreen finds the Connolly Fish Chiller wash up at the dock. While it’s not shown in the film, finding Gorski’s body inside would have made it evident that the Connolly sisters killed Gorski. But they also know Gorski’s link with Enid and Dee’s murder.

Gail, Doreen, and Susie decide to cover up the murder because they don’t want to see their friend’s daughters get arrested for killing a murderous jerk. Gail heads over to Officer Coletti (Justin’s boss) and tells him everything about Enid and the happenings of Oceanview. One thing that I do find as a flaw in the film is that Gail has no incriminating evidence against Enid that could get Officer Coletti to make an arrest. But Coletti does call for the arrest, much to Justin’s confusion. The ending scene of Blow The Man Down shows Priscilla and Mary Beth walking past Gail, Doreen who appear to have just gotten rid of Gorski’s body. They finally see Susie who is cleaning the blood from the Connolly Fish Chiller, and looks at the sisters and gives a knowing smile. The sweet ol’ ladies are more than what meets the eye.

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What does the ending of Blow the man down mean? ›

The ending of Blow The Man Down shows us that Alexa overhears the conversation between Enid and the Connolly sisters confirming that Enid got Dee killed over the money. Alexis kills Enid and beats town with the cash with another worker girl.

What is the plot of Blow the man down? ›

Who is Enid in Blow the man down? ›

Margo Martindale: Enid Nora Devlin.

Is Blow the man down a true story? ›

Blow the Man Down is not based on a true story. However, the Easter Cove women in the film are all based on real women from the lives of the writer/director duo.

Is there such a place as Easter Cove Maine? ›

Easter Cove is not a real town. It is portrayed by Harpswell, Maine for the Amazon series, Blow the Man Down. In the series Easter Cove is a remote and insular fishing village on Maine's rocky coast.

Was man down Cancelled? ›

In 2017, Channel 4 announced it would not be renewing Man Down for a fifth series.

What did Alpha do to Enid? ›

In the episode "The Calm Before", Enid is murdered by Alpha, leader of the Whisperer's group, alongside Tara and several others. Her undead severed head is found on a pike by Daryl, Yumiko, Michonne, and Carol after they discover a wounded Siddiq.

How many seasons of Man Down are there? ›

Sorry for banging on about it but just to let you know all four series of 'Man Down' are now on Netflix in the uk too.

Is it based off of a true story or based on a true story? ›

Is True Story based on a true story? Though True Story is loosely based on Kevin Hart himself, the show is largely fictitious. The Kid, like Hart, is a world-renowned stand-up comedian performing sold-out shows and being paid $25million (£19m) to star in superhero blockbusters with Chris Hemsworth.

Is based on a true story based on a true story? ›

Written by Rosenberg Inspired by a bizarre true event, Based On a True Story is about a realtor, a plumber and a former tennis star whose lives unexpectedly collide, exposing America's obsession with true crime, murder and the slow close toilet seat. Cuoco will play a married woman named Ava Bartlett.

What is the largest town on Easter Island? ›

Hanga Roa

Is Cabot Cove a real City? ›

Thankfully, Cabot Cove is fictional. It is the setting for Murder, She Wrote, the cosy drama starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer turned amateur sleuth.

How did Harpswell get its name? ›

The Native Americans who originally inhabited Harpswell were part of the Abenaki. The Abenaki name for Harpswell Neck, then called West Harpswell, was Merriconeag or "quick carrying place", a reference to the narrow peninsula's easy portage.

What is the meaning of Man Down? ›

(transitive, idiomatic) To lose courage or cause to lose courage.

How did Mark Hamill end up in Man Down? ›

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill was lured to join the cast of Channel 4 comedy Man Down because he was a big fan of the comedy's late star Rik Mayall. The man famed for being Luke Skywalker will play a new character in one episode of the upcoming third series of the anarchic Greg Davies comedy.

Did making it Australia get axed? ›

At the Network 10 upfronts in October 2021, it was announced that the series had been cancelled.

Did Maggie adopt Enid? ›

Glenn and Maggie take her in and adopt her and they move up to the Hilltop in Alexandria. How does Enid's role fit Sophia's already? Since Enid just was just recently brought into the town, like the rest of the group, she is having a hard time fitting in with the teenagers.

Did Alpha lie about killing Lydia? ›

Alpha subsequently lied and told her people that Lydia was dead in a bid to prevent others from following in her footsteps. However, her deceit was later exposed by Aaron (Ross Marquand), who let Gamma (Thora Birch) see Lydia for herself.

Why did Alpha shave her head? ›

Samantha Morton was required to cut her whole hair off for a shocking scene in The Walking Dead. Samantha's bald head was necessary so that she can fully embrace her role as The Whisperers' terrifying leader Alpha on the show's last episode 'Omega' (February 17).

Why did they stop man with a plan? ›

On May 6, 2020, CBS announced that Man with a Plan had been cancelled after four seasons. While ratings for the fourth season were satisfactory, the network was reportedly looking to lower costs following the merger of CBS and Viacom that had taken place that same season.

Did they cancel Y: The Last Man? ›

Clark announced Y's cancellation on Twitter in October. “I have never in my life been more committed to a story, and there is so much left to tell… We don't want it to end,” she wrote before adding that “FX has been an amazing partner. “

Is man with a plan going to have a 5th season? ›

Unfortunately, CBS has canceled the sitcom and has no plans to renew it for the fifth season. Matt LeBlanc has been in a number of notable television shows, including the cult classic Friends. Fans have always adored the characters Matt Le has played, and they are eagerly anticipating Season 5 of Man With A Plan.

What is the oldest shanty? ›

(Exact description of its use will be found with the text of the rong.) It has alro been classified as a halyard shanty, and may well have been used for that purp:>se as well. This is the oldest known short-haul shanty, and, according to John Masefield, goes back to the days of Henry VIII.

Do sailors still sing sea shanties? ›

Still loved by modern sailors, the sea shanties are now rarely used as work songs since contemporary vessels do not require a large group of people to complete a task aboard.

Are sea shanties Irish? ›

A sea shanty isn't any old nautical number: shanties are a specific type of work song dating to the 19th century merchant navy, divided by rhythm into groups, depending on the type of work being done. And there's good reason to believe they are heavily influenced by Irish musical tradition.

What is the most accurate movie based on a true story? ›

'All the President's Men' (1976)

Considered to be the most factually accurate film ever made, All the President's Men is based on the 1974 non-fiction book of the same name.

What was Pennywise true form? ›

He took the form of a clown most frequently, Mr. Bob Gray or Pennywise, but his true form is an ancient eldritch entity from another universe who landed in the town that would become Derry by way of an asteroid and first awoke in 1715.

Who is Pennywise daughter? ›

Kersh is Pennywise's daughter. She says, "My father ... His name was Robert Gray, better known as Bob Gray, better known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown." This is also the name It uses to introduce itself to Georgie, Bill's brother, in the novel.

What did Finkel lose? ›

"It was something I wish I could take back ... really badly," he told Maher. In an instant, Finkel lost the career he'd been building his entire adult life. Scorned by his colleagues, he retreated to Montana, awaiting the merciless media inquiries which were sure to come.

What games are based off of true stories? ›

Here are a few games that are actually based on real-world events.
  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. We could write a whole article about games based on World War II. ...
  • Velvet Assassin. ...
  • Assassin's Creed III. ...
  • 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. ...
  • L.A. Noire. ...
  • That Dragon Cancer. ...
  • The Saboteur. ...
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War.
9 Jul 2016

Can anyone write a movie script? ›

Yes! You can write a script without any prior experience, but bear in mind that your first may not be your best. Write a few practice scripts - these could be pretty short - before you send work to a director. If you're good at writing and language, that's a good start!

Is there a place like Cabot Cove Maine? ›

2. Boothbay Harbor. Similar in population to the fictional Cabot Cove, Boothbay Harbor is a bucolic coastal village, with a working waterfront dotted with lobster and fishing boats, as well as a handful of restaurants.

What town is Cabot Cove Maine based on? ›

REAL-LIFE INSPIRATION: In an authorized biography of Angela Lansbury, a Murder producer stated the Cabot Cove was based on the town of Castine, Maine.

Where is Easter Island located? ›

Easter Island is a small island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean that belongs to Chile. The island is one of the most isolated places in the world, at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania.

Where is the mystery of Easter Island? ›

Easter Island (Rapa Nui: Rapa Nui; Spanish: Isla de Pascua) is an island and special territory of Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle in Oceania.


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