Chris Webber Net Worth [2022 Update]: Career & Endorsements (2022)

The American former basketball player, and 5-time NBA All-Star, Chris Webber, enjoys a net worth of $80 million.

Born to Mayce Webber Jr. in 1973, Chris started his career in high school. From an early age, he showcased his interest and talent in basketball.

People around him became aware of his abilities when in the eighth grade, he scored 64 points and had 15 dunks in one game.

The sportsman has played for teams like Golden State Warriors,Washington Bullets,Sacramento Kings,Philadelphia 76ers, andDetroit Pistons.

He has won several awards for his outstanding performances in different matches, including the NBA Rookie of the Year award in 1993.

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Currently, Webber has retired from playing basketball professionally but works as ananalyst onNBA TV’sNBA Gametime Live.

His most recent project is the release of a private equity fund so that people could invest in legal cannabis businesses owned by minority groups.

Quick Facts

Following are some quick facts about Webber.

Birth NameMayce Edward Christopher Webber III
Pet NameChris Webber
Net Worth80 Million USD
Birth DateMarch 1, 1973
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan
EthnicityAfrican American
EducationDetroit Country Day, Beverly Hills, Michigan
Zodiac SignPisces
Father’s NameMayce Webber Jr.
Mother’s NameDoris Webber
SiblingsDavid Webber (Brother)
Age49Years Old
Height6’10” or 2.08 m
Weight111 kg or 245 lbs.
Skin ToneDark
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size13 (US)
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
WifeErika Dates (2009-present)
ChildrenMayce Christopher Webber IV (Son), Elle Marie Webber (Daughter)
ProfessionBasketball Player
Salary17,531,250 USD per year
Social MediaInstagram,Facebook,Twitter
Last UpdateOctober 2022

Chris Webber: Net Worth and Income

Initially, at the beginning of his NBA career, the player had a salary of $1.6 million.

Ever since, it started to multiply to reach the $80 million fortune that he has today.

In 2005, in that year alone, 76ers paid him $19.1 million. This was also his highest-paying year.

However, In 2007, when he played with the Golden State Warriors, his salary went down to a mere $602,173.

Webber started playing for the 76ers again, and in less than a year, his salary multiplied to become a whopping $19 million.

During his years-long NBA career, Webber earned $178 million in salary alone.

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Excluding his earnings from the NBA, Webber also has several sponsors he earns millions from.

In addition, he has invested in several companies that sponsor basketball and football players, real estate, and various music labels. These investments keep his bank account full.

Currently, he enjoys an income of USD 17,531,250 per year.

Chris Webber’s Houses


Million dollars houses are not unusual for most NBA players. Likewise, Webber’s lavish Malibu home is not an exception.

The player splurged a total of $4 million on the three bedrooms and three bathrooms villa.

Covering a total of 2,900 square feet of land, the beach house has a splendid view of the Malibu coastline that can be enjoyed through glass doors in the living room.

The house also facilitates a private backyard with a lap pool.

The interior of the house is stunning as well. It features a cozy and fashionable contemporary design.

However, the sportsman is to soon part ways with this home as he recently placed it back on the market.

Chris Webber Net Worth [2022 Update]: Career & Endorsements (2)

This expensive villa is not the only one Webber owns; his interior designer revealed that they had designed six of Chris’s lavish houses. However, more information on the houses themselves is not known.

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Chris Webber’s Career

Chris started his career early in high school. From 1987 to 1991, he was the most recruited Michigan high school basketball player.

The player had a record of 29.4 points and 13 rebounds per game. He was the player of the year in 1991 and named Michigan’s Mr. Basketball.

While in college, Webber became a part of the Fab Five (a group of five players including Webber) who played for the Michigan Wolverine.

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The player led the team to the NCAA finals twice. Unfortunately, they didn’t win, but Webber’s performance paved the way for his career in NBA.

Chris Webber Net Worth [2022 Update]: Career & Endorsements (3)

Chris’ last match for Wolverine was in 1993 when the player made a timeout that would later become a troll.

A dent in Webber’s career came when he was found guilty of money laundering and, consequently, was banned from any affiliation with the Michigan program until 2013.

Chris’s NBA Career

His fifteen-year-long NBA career started in 1993 when the Orlando Magic picked him as their first draft.

He was traded to Golden State Warriors almost immediately.

Webber’s first year with Golden State Warriors was outstanding, with his average being 17.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game. He also won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

However, Webber’s conflict with his coach, Don Nelson, leads him to be exchanged with Tom Gugliotta of Washington Bullets.

For the next three years of Webber’s career, he played with the Washington Bullets (the Wizards). However, Chris could only play fifteen games because of the 1995–96 season injuries.

He was then eventually replaced with Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe to the Sacramento Kings.

The athlete has some of his best years with the Sacramento Kings. The peak of his career was in the 2000–01 season when he averaged a career-high 27.1 points.

Webber signed the biggest contract of his life with the Kings. The contract was worth $127 million and seven-year-long.

Chris averaged 23 points and 11 rebounds per game in 2003. In the same season, He was cited as a possible MVP candidate and made his fifth consecutive All-Star team.

The player was traded again to the Philadelphia 76ers. He scored an impressive 20 points and 10 rebounds per game in the 2006 playoffs.

Webber parted ways with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2007, ending the two-year contract early by allegedly compensating $25 million.

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He signed with the Detroit Pistons a few days later. The Pistons were at a profit with Webber as he helped them improve their record in the Eastern Conference.

In January of 2009, he was resigned to Golden State Warriors. Finally, in 2009, Webber announced the retirement of his jersey #4.

Chris Webber’s Charity

Webber comes from a middle-class family and has worked his way up. In the process, he certainly hasn’t forgotten to give back to the people.

He even created his own foundation called the Chris Webber Foundation.

This organization’s main goal is to provide educational and recreational opportunities to children and youths, focusing especially on those who are disadvantaged.

Webber particularly focuses on motivating children to read and focus on their school work.

In addition, the organization provides them with training that will help them develop foundational skills to become a good reader.

The foundation also distributes books to children and youths to encourage them to form a home library. Webber’s “Wee Program” introduced newborns with a new book every month for nine months.

Chris puts a lot of emphasis on children’s education and does his best to help those who he can.

He also hosts the “Bada Bling!” weekends in Las Vegas to benefit the Chris Webber organization.

Moreover, Webber has also worked with the “make a wish foundation,”an organization that surprises children suffering from life-threatening diseases with a surprise they enjoy.

The sportsman was honored as the 2003 wish maker of the year for his work with them.

In 1999, Chris showed his appreciation for his fans by creating “C-Webb’s Crew,”a program that provides tickets at every King’s regular home season game to youths at risk and their families.

More than 3000 people have attended the games through “C-Webb’s Crew” to date.


Recently, the player launched a $100 million private equity fund to help people of color in the Cannabis business.

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Chris Webber: Endorsements

Being the sports star he is, Chris is sponsored by tons of popular brands.

In 1993, Webber signed a deal with the athleisure brand Nike. He endorsed the brand heavily, even wearing shoes like the Nike Air Maestro while playing.

In 1995, he partnered again with Nike to create his own signature shoe called the Air Max Sensation.

Chris Webber Net Worth [2022 Update]: Career & Endorsements (4)

However, this partnership did not end well as the retail price of his shoe was extremely high.

After a dispute with Nike, Webber decided to drop the brand and join hands with another athleisure brand, Fila.

Unluckily for him, this partnership did not end on good terms due to some contractual conflict.

Next, he partnered with an Urban wear brand called the Dada CDubbz.

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Facts About Chris Webber

  • Webber is also an excellent investor outside of being an athlete and has invested in companies representing basketball and football players, real estate, and film projects.
  • A lesser-known fact about Webber is that in 1999, he also released a rap album titled “2 Much Drama” along with a music video for the title track “Gangsta, Gangsta.”
  • Although Fab Five was a huge part of Chris’s life, nowadays, he didn’t use to get along with teammate Jalen Rose. However, he has good relations with the other three members.
  • Webber was sentenced in August 2002 to two years’ probation for money laundering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Chris Webber play for?

In high school and college, Chris played for Michigan high school and Michigan Wolverine, respectively. Similarly, throughout his NBA career, he played with the Golden State Warriors (1993-94, 2007-08), Washington Wizards (1994-98), Sacramento Kings (1998-99 – 2004-05), Philadelphia 76ers (2005-2007) and Detroit Pistons (2007). His career lasted for fifteen seasons.

Why did Jalen Rose and Chris Webber not get along?

Webber’s relationship with late Michigan Booster Ed Martin was not good, which impacted the athlete’s friendship with teammate Jalen Rose. Moreover, the relationship got worse when Chris pleaded guilty to a criminal charge in 2003.

Whose money did Chris Webber take?

In 2002, Chris, along with two of his teammates, was found guilty of taking money from Ed Martin, who was involved with laundering money from an illegal gambling operation.


How much money does Chris Webber make? ›

During his NBA career, Webber earned $178 million in salary alone. He was a five-time NBA all-star and scored over 17,000 points with over 8000 rebounds and 1200 blocks. As of October 2022, Chris Webber's net worth is estimated to be $70 Million.

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