How To Find Every Ark In Lost Ark (Explained) (2023)

Arkesia’s era of peace and harmony abruptly came to an end as new threats and evils arose throughout the land, requiring valiant heroes to search for all of the Lost Arks. Finding these arks can be rather challenging, and it will take quite a hefty amount of time and solid grinding as you progress through the game.

There are 7 lost arks scattered throughout Arkesia, but only 6/7 can be found at the moment. All 7 Arks have not yet been released in the original Korean version, but the first 6 can be acquired by completing World Quests.

Although players cannot locate and acquire all of the Lost Arks just yet, obtaining the available 6 Arks will still be worth the effort. Stick around to find out how to find all of the available Arks in Lost Ark, as well as why some Arks cannot be obtained by numerous players.

How To Find All Arks In Lost Ark

Finding the arks is part of the main storyline, and players can naturally acquire all available arks as they progress through the main questline. In most cases, players will only obtain 2/7 arks once they hit level 50 and access Tier 3 endgame content, and they will still need to continue playing to acquire the additional arks currently available.

Finding The Arks Quest

In order to kickstart the journey of finding all of the arks in Lost Ark, players will need to complete the ‘Finding the Arks’ quest, which grants players the complex task of finding all of the arks. This quest can be rather challenging for most players, but getting started on this quest is essential for finding further arks in Arkesia and progressing in the game.

How To Find Every Ark In Lost Ark (Explained) (1)

Finding the Arks is directly connected to World Quests and is unlocked after players unlock the Sailing ability, which allows players to travel via ship on Arkesia’s World Map. The Sailing ability is only unlocked after completing the Set Sail quest, which is the last quest in the East Luttera storyline and is also essential for many of Lost Ark’s other activities.

Many players can become understandably confused and frustrated about what to do to ‘complete’ the Finding the Arks quest. This is since the quest itself does not provide players with any specific instructions or guidance via a given location – it only tells players to find the arks.

Before, players would have been following the Main Questline, indicated in orange. Now, players will need to follow World Quests, indicated in blue in the quests menu, signaling that the story is continuing on to a new ‘chapter’.


Players will need to use their in-game Journal to follow and complete the questlines on the various continents throughout Arkesia in order to find the arks. However, since all of the arks are not available in-game yet, it’s not yet possible to complete the Finding the Arks quest entirely.

It is possible to acquire the arks out of order, although acquisition will be influenced by accessibility to various continents or locations, as well as other aspects. Below is the order in which most players can obtain the available arks in Lost Ark.

Ark 1/7 (Tortoyk)

The Tortoyk continent is a medium-sized island containing 5 different areas. Players can reach over 40 levels by completing the World Quests in this area.

Below are the Tortoyk World Quests that will need to be completed to acquire the Ark 1/7:

  • Lucky day
  • A home in danger
  • Take of Mokamoka
  • There is one more thing
  • Water is life
  • Juicy and red
  • Transform into a Mokoko!
  • To Mokoko Village
  • Magic card
  • Used nose clip
  • In the morning dew to the village
  • Clean the map
  • Freshwater rasper
  • Fire Department
  • Yard in distress
  • For self-assembly
  • Heart of gold
  • Stab in the heart
  • Sign of time
  • Wait a moment
  • A new beginning
  • Where the pirates are
  • Unfounded
  • On to the post
  • Small deeds
  • Brave Heart
  • A heart
  • Always according to the map
  • Rock information
  • One last goodbye
  • From the cradle
  • Severe injury
  • Treatment Time (Reward: Melody of the Heart)
  • Tortoyk’s heart
  • Peace of mind
  • Pride and joy of the village
  • Round trip
  • Part of the team

Ark 2/7 (Annika)

The Anikka continent is a quaint and interesting region, filled with plenty of World Quests for players to complete. Players can get to level 45 by following the region’s main questline.

Below are the Annika World Quests that will need to be completed to acquire the Ark 2/7:

  • An old story
  • Join the tournament
  • The first match
  • Desire for dumplings
  • Manphos dumplings
  • Dumpling Fighter
  • The second match
  • night terrors
  • A murder case
  • Full moon frenzy
  • The third match
  • Awesome arm
  • The fourth match
  • Heir to the Jeok family
  • The fifth match
  • Gloomy house
  • Acupuncture ace
  • A letter from his wife
  • Demonic Clash
  • The sixth match
  • Intention of the intruder
  • The Master’s drinking table
  • Sir Druden’s problem
  • Pumpkin Bottle Treasure
  • Sign of dissolution
  • The seventh match
  • Master of his trade
  • The eighth match
  • Into the fog
  • Help from a madman
  • Summoner’s Source
  • Key of the Horizon
  • End of the Summoner
  • At the threshold
  • proof of my worth
  • The message of the star messenger
  • With the wind

Ark 3/7 (North Vern)

The North Vern region can only be accessed once players hit level 50 in-game. This region is also somewhat of a hotspot for a reasonable portion of Lost Ark‘s endgame content and activities, making it a popular central hub for many higher-tier players.

How To Find Every Ark In Lost Ark (Explained) (2)
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There are a ton of side quests that players can complete in North Vern as well, allowing them to gain access to even more awesome and fun content. But, players will need to complete the main World Quests in North Vern to acquire another ark.

Below are the North Vern World Quests that will need to be completed to acquire the Ark 3/7:

  • Vern, the continent of adventurers
  • Off to Vern Castle!
  • Stormy news
  • The Queen’s Knights in the Senate
  • Ealyn’s request
  • Shadows of the Rift’s past
  • Powerless Follower
  • Raniarode Adventurers’ Guild
  • The matter of ranks
  • Qualifications for entering Balankar
  • In the wake of the death
  • Despair in the mountains
  • Necromancer Sacrifice
  • Sigmund’s whereabouts
  • To the besieged fortress
  • The Battle of Fort Tyron
  • Burning Light of Hope
  • To Old Elveria
  • She waits, he goes
  • Ealyn’s gift

Ark 4/7 (Rohendal)

Completing the main questline up until Ealyn’s Gift can also reward the Power Pass via in-game mail. After you acquire 4/7 arks, players may notice that their World Quests have been ‘completed’, but there is still much to be done in-game.

This can leave players feeling understandably confused, and unsure how to proceed with finding the other arks. However, they will need to follow a new guide named ‘[Guide] Guides: Rohendal’.

In order to reach Rohendal and continue questing, players will need to reach item level 400 at least, and players can focus on getting their gear honed to acquire the necessary equipped item level, as seen below thanks to RPG Division.

Below are the Rohendal World Quests that will need to be completed to acquire the Ark 4/7:

(Video) Lost Ark: How To Use Cards And Where To Get Them For Beginners (Full Guide)

  • The port of Rohendel
  • Bambiri village
  • Aven’s house
  • Froggy and the magician
  • A strange Sylvan
  • Magical Investigation
  • Into the warped magical rift
  • An Audience with the Queen
  • Rohendel’s Queen
  • Between sun and moon
  • Water Keeper Orelda
  • The Eternal Curse
  • Memories of the forest, dreams of the wind
  • Urgent emergency
  • Forest warden Dignius
  • Song of the Lessing Wind
  • An inconsistent wind
  • A hidden wind
  • The Sanctuary of the Wind
  • Storm front ahead
  • Howling wind
  • The end of the storm
  • To the ruin!
  • The city in ruins
  • In search of Lenora
  • The aftermath of the eruption
  • Fire marks
  • Memories of the earth
  • Gherdia’s tracks
  • The Sylvans from Xeneela
  • Dying Embers
  • Rohendel’s research
  • Fallen Flame Warden
  • Overflowing Flames
  • Azena in danger
  • Travel to Elzowin’s Shadow
  • A broken curse
  • Elzowin’s nightmare
  • Nightmare in the forest
  • The reunion
  • Aven’s whereabouts
  • Protection for Aven
  • Elzowin’s defender
  • Elzowin plagued by dreams
  • Ratik

Ark 5/7 (Punika)

The Punika region is restricted to endgame players, and will only become accessible after a ton of solid Lost Ark grinding. The Punika continent can only be unlocked after players reach an item level of 1100, which will take some time and ample dedication.

Below are the Punika World Quests that will need to be completed to acquire the Ark 5/7:

  • Step by step
  • Joint preparations for the Lailai Festival with everyone
  • To the Mild Coast Road
  • Nia and the investigation
  • Your whereabouts
  • Go to their location
  • Nia’s confidant
  • Red sky
  • Cliff of serenity
  • Suspicious movement
  • The stench of blood
  • Best Healer
  • Relaxation at the hot springs
  • Determination
  • Brave Nia
  • Nia’s instructions
  • Demon attack
  • Follow the tracks
  • Protect the root!
  • Rescue operation
  • The things occupying the altar
  • The rescue operation continues
  • Another Problem
  • Another obstacle
  • The swamp demon
  • The Demon’s Whisper
  • The protector
  • Final preparations
  • Protect the Seed of Harmony!
  • Valuable things, barely protected
  • Festival preparations
  • Festivals and Selection

Ark 6/7 (South Vern)

South Vern may be playable in some regions, rewarding players with the Ark 6/7 after its questline’s completion. However, the South Vern content has not yet been released in the Western version, and Western players are expecting to see everything that South Vern has in store around the middle of 2022.

Ark 7/7 (Unknown)

At the time of writing, there are only 6/7 available arks in the game on a broad scale, depending on the player’s region. Some regions, such as Korea, have access to 6/7 arks in-game, while other regions may still be limited to between 4/7 and 6/7 available arks. The 7th ark is yet to be released in the original Lost Ark version, which made its debut in Korea a few years ago.

How To Find Every Ark In Lost Ark (Explained) (3)

As a result, Western players will need to wait an indefinite amount of time before they’ll be able to acquire 7/7 arks in the game and complete the Finding the Arks quest. But, considering that South Vern, the location of Ark 6/7, is still supposed to be released in 2022, it’s safe to say that players may just need to be patient concerning the release of Ark 7/7.

Players may feel disheartened to see that they have hit level 50 and started playing Tier 3 content, but still lack most of the lost arks in-game. However, this is entirely normal, as most players only have between 2/7 and 4/7 arks by the time they reach the endgame. Still, you can get a headstart on tracking down all of the lost arks before they are all released by completing each of these continents’ questlines.


Can you find all arks in Lost Ark? ›

Not at all. Because the task of finding all 7 arks cannot be solved at the moment. Lost Ark is an ongoing MMORPG whose story is not finished yet. Therefore, at the current time, neither in Korea nor in our version are all 7 arks in the game and the existing 6 are over for the time being.

How do I find the Lost Ark? ›

Finding the Arks Quest Guide - LOST ARK - YouTube

Where is the last ark? ›

According to church leaders, the Ark of the Covenant has for centuries been closely guarded in Aksum at the Church of St. Mary of Zion.

Will Lost Ark be pay to win? ›

If a player can beat another player by spending in the game, it is P2W. In that regard, Lost Ark is NOT PAY TO WIN. The PvP system in Lost Ark caps the level of Players so there is no real advantage in spending money.

What do I do after 50 Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Endgame Guide: What To Do After Hitting Level 50
  1. Continue The Main Quest. Continue the main story quest through Shushire for a full endgame gear set. ...
  2. Do Your Dailies (Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Una's Tasks) If you're a fan of Monster Hunter, Guardian Raids will be right up your alley. ...
  3. Explore Islands.
Mar 7, 2022

Does Lost Ark have a story? ›

As far as MMORPGs go, Lost Ark's campaign is fairly short. You can get through the story content in roughly 20 hours at a leisurely pace, while games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 typically take 40 to 50 hours to work through each campaign.

How do you know where Shangra will spawn? ›

The easiest way to find the Shangra Island possible locations is to open your Alamrs list and then look for Shangra. Once you find it, click on the small compass icon on the right side of Shangra. This will allow you to see the three icons for Shangra's possible destinations on the map.

Where is Noah's Ark located? ›

Near the top of Mount Ararat (seen from Armenia in a file photo) in Turkey, explorers claim to have found Noah's ark.

How do I know which Shangra island Lost Ark? ›

In the alarms menu - which can be accessed by clicking the blue clock symbol on the top left of the screen - you can see a timer for when the island is set to appear, and a whirlpool will show up in the spawn location ten minutes before it appears.

Is Lost Island bigger than Ragnarok? ›

Size. Ragnarok is approximately 2.5x the size of The Island, in terms of land mass, and roughly 4x in total size.

Why is Lost Ark so popular? ›

The answer to the question as to why Lost Ark can be subject to review, and even further reviews. We say the game was all built on hard work, patience, and a long pre-release build-up on its fans- a strategy that paid off for them, breaking the 1.3 million gamers at the go.

How do I tame Managarmr lost island? ›


How do you unlock the awakening in Lost Ark? ›

Unlocking the first Awakening skill

Open your Sheet Music (F2) and use Song of Trixion in order to teleport there. Talk to Beatrice and you'll get a Purple Quest. From now on you'll need to complete all the quests labeled with [Awakening]. These quests are simple and will just require you to go to a few zones.

How do you unlock Chaos dungeon in Lost Ark? ›

Chaos Dungeons are unlocked upon reaching level 50 and completing the quest "Ealyn's Request" in North Vern. Complete the world quests located at North Vern to finish the quest chain.

Is there an ark in Yorn? ›

Well, Yorn has just two Dungeons: the Wonderful Brewery and the Ark of Arrogance.

How many classes are there in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark's Western release courtesy of Amazon and Smilegate RPG includes 15 advanced classes, each categorized by a few different base class archetypes. That's already far more classes than most MMORPGs or action-RPGs have at launch and should keep players busy for a good long while.


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