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Original Reformer Bed Essentials Pack

Debbi D. (Officer, AU)

Physio in the home

Reformer was easy to set up and is very solid. Just like the one I was using at the physiotherapists, but it’s in my lounge room and I can use it whenever I want. Very happy.


YR Rental

Caroline (Sydney, AU)

Love it! I’ve been re-formed!

I have been wanting an at home reformer for years. I was worried about the space it would take, so having the rental option allowed me to just go for it and trial without a long commitment. I’m so glad I did. It is now MY space to train. I love the exercises and feel like a new person.

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Rental Essentials Pack

Tanya D. (Brisbane, AU)

Love it

Great service and a great product!!

(Video) How to Unbox Your Reformer Crate or Box


YR Rental

Kristy (Melbourne, AU)

Best decision I've made

The convenience of having a rental reformer in you house is so good. I've done 6 workouts in a week where I'd struggle to do any exercise before. And I actually love doing it. You can pause the video class if needed and you don't have to push yourself like you do in a class of other people because you can go at your own pace. I got so bored in a 45-50 minute class and this is so good because you can choose the duration of your workout and one at a level that suits you so you can actually walk the next day. I want to keep this reformer forever. Also the delivery guys were so quick to set it up and the reformer itself is great quality.


YR Rental

Peter R. (Sydney, AU)

Fantastic love it

I’m going to buy one after 8 week rental period. Being of mature age well into my sixties I have done over 300 classes from beginner to intermediate and advanced poses. I work out at least 5 days a week varying from weights at the gym to the reformer. This keeps me super fit in both body and mind. I’m so glad I discovered Pilates a few years back it’s been great especially coming from a semi professional sports back round.
Kind Regards
Peter Roth


Free Gift: Grip Socks.

Chris F. (Melbourne, AU)

Chris Fowler

Absolutely love our new reformer and also the online classes


YR Original Folding

Nicola T. (Melbourne, AU)

Best gift I have ever bought myself

What a fabulous experience, my reformer bed is just beautiful, delivery was a smooth process with updates along they way, they came set up the reformer and gave me general instructions for use then took all the packaging away 👏👏 the online classes are terrific, so lovely to be able to practice when ever it suits. Customer service ten out of ten, in all a very positive experience, definitely the best gift for myself, thank you 🙏


YR Original Folding

Renee M. (Adelaide, AU)

In love!


She’s beautiful, she’s incredibly smooth, she’s got the resistance, and she’s got the comfort. I couldn’t be happier with my reformer!
Thank you so much! Highly recommend purchasing


YR Rental

Kymberley D. (Melbourne, AU)

Reformer Rental

Great to deal with. The process of renting the reformer was smooth and without a problem. Reformer was deliver on time , and in a very clean condition. Highly recommend this company for your next rental.


Free Gift: Grip Socks.

Susan Q. (Brisbane, AU)

Ivory reformer

Absolutely love my reformer best reformer I have ever used. Use it every day
saving me a fortune being able to do my classes at home.


YR Rental

Emilia K. (Brisbane, AU)

Love it

Love the reformer and videos. Would only be better if it included the head rest cushions.


Studio Reformer Bed Essentials Pack

Nazli G.

Friendly and timely delivery

My beautiful reformer was delivered on time and the set up was seamless. A huge thanks to the delivery guys!


YR Original

Clara H. (Perth, AU)

Blown away!

Such a beautiful and functional piece of equipment. Extremely professional white glove delivery service too. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you


YR Original Folding

(Video) Adjusting The Reformer For Different Clients

Sharon W. (Sydney, AU)

Nice reformer

Thankyou YR reformer great service all the way. The reformer is smooth and professional.
Look forward to your classes on App


YR Original Folding

Erin B. (Sydney, AU)

Amazing product and customer service

If you are looking for a beautiful at home reformer this is the one!! It’s not only beautiful but amazing quality, lots of added features - like the adjustable bed height and also all props. The delivery guys were super professional and helpful, they even waited for me for 15 minutes as I got home from work to deliver (rare these days) the customer service team has also been great, all round an amazing product and experience!!!


YR Rental

Catherine B. (Perth, AU)

A Mum’s Dream

The classes are amazing and challenging. This is the first time since my babies I have been able to consistently exercise daily without a 4.45am wake up. When babies nap it’s my time to workout and even better is I can do it in my undies and grip socks and no one is there to judge!


YR Rental

J.R. (Sydney, AU)

Rental bed

I rented a Your Reformer Bed about 4 weeks ago. I thought about it for a while before committing and I’m so glad I have rented one. I am using it once or more times every day. I’m now seriously considering purchasing one.
I was going to be away when the bed was due for delivery and the team at Your Reformer were so great, communication was easy and delivery went smoothly. When I realised the bed was delivered without the jump board they express posted it out the day I contacted about it. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Your Reformer.


YR Rental

Pip (Sydney, AU)

Excellent communication and reformer exceeds expectations

The communication prior to delivery was excellent. Delivery of the reformer was smooth. The reformer itself has exceeded my expectations


YR Original Folding Payment Plan

Kelly T. (Brisbane, AU)

Best service!

First of all. What a beautiful reformer bed!
I thought I’d receive mine in November but I got it a few days after I ordered it. I’m also not in a main city, so thought I’d have to pick it up at a local delivery point. But I got it delivered AND set up. Just one word amazing!!!!


YR Studio

Tash (Melbourne, AU)

Wish I purchased sooner!

Reformer pilates has always been my preferred exercise. But matching a studios schedule to mine has always been difficult. Not anymore! The convenience of being able to do it when I want is invaluable. I have always wanted a bed at home, now I have one it’s met all my expectations.

(Video) PIlates IQ Reformer PROS & CONS: ✨Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer Review✨ #shorts


YR Studio

GAIL G. (Melbourne, AU)

Studio Reformer

Absolutely loving my new Studio Reformer and the On Demand classes are amazing.


Original Reformer Bed Essentials Pack

Samantha A. (Melbourne, AU)

Original Reformer Bed Essentials Pack


YR Studio


I love my new reformer

My reformer has arrived, packaged nice and securely in the crate. It was very easy to assemble and looks beautiful in my space. It glides so smoothly, Such good quality and came with lots of extras. I just love it! ❤️

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YR Rental

Kerrie B. (Toowoomba, AU)

I am reformed!

Love my reformer, using it daily, so convenient and the app is awesome. Delivery and service was seamless, highly recommend!


YR Original Folding

L B. (Sydney, AU)

It's beautiful!

(Video) An honest review of the Flexia Reformer

I love this reformer!!! It's affordable but doesn't scrimp on quality. My whole family has been having a go.
The app includes a physio led section which is a bonus for me and my injuries.
My only drawback has been a feww accessories haven't been delivered yet but that can happen and I'm still getting so much benefit from the reformer. Thank you!
Pic is before we adjusted the height and position in room

Your Reformer - Customer Reviews (3)


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